18 / ASU / Taurus

you'll be someone in life. someone people will look up too. someone who prevails. you're beautiful. don't forget to smile. things might not always be they way you want them to be but you should always fight for what you believe in and in the end you'll be happy.
by Anonymous

Thank you so much, how sincere, I appreciate it

In regards to your personal post, I think at one point we're all old enough to make our own decisions whether or not it's a good or bad choice you should be able to choose for yourself and learn for yourself as well. Maybe it's their way of protecting you but you have to let them know that you're old enough to decide what you want for yourself.
by Anonymous

Thank you, I know it’s just frustrating but you can’t make everyone happy

Pissed that my aunt and cousin get to see my mom and spend time with her and she hasn’t even been around my whole damn life. My dad won’t even let me talk to her anyway or I’ll never be forgiven for it, I hate this.

Your eyebrows are on point. You're always looking fierce and sexy hah.
by Anonymous

Haha thank you! ;)